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Did you know that approximately 17% of the US population experiences some type of hearing loss?

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  • About 2 to 4 of every 1000 people in the US are “functionally “ deaf
  • If you include people with “severe hearing impairment” the numbers are 9 to 22 per 1000
  • Include anyone who has “trouble” hearing , the numbers are 37 to 140 of every 1000 (per Gallaudet University/2011)


strives to bridge the gap between the hearing world and those that are hearing impaired.  Our goal is to assist the deaf and hard of hearing with support services and equipment made available through our programs, services and distribution locations resulting in improved community understanding, opportunities and a better quality of life.  Our relationships and partnerships with many local organizations broadens our opportunities to support the wants and needs of the hearing impaired community.

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